What our clients say…

TRINITY POWER RENTALS — Todd Johnston, General Manager

“We contracted A-R Partners for their Outsourced CFO services.  They have been a life saver and have become a large part of our leadership team. They have become more than an accounting firm to us, but true partners in business.  They went the extra mile to learn about our organization and our industry.  They have come to thoroughly understand our business and work very closely with our senior management, sales and accounting team to provide reporting, advice and mentoring.   In all intents and purposes, they are like a member of our board.

A-R Partners assisted us in establishing financial systems, reporting, measurement, and analysis to manage our growth. They helped make our ERP development easy, seamless, and painless.  They help us with personal, as well as corporate tax planning, maximizing our returns. They facilitate our financing and acquisitions. And they continue to work closely with us weekly, if not daily,  in our strategic planning, sales forecasting, and business development initiatives.  Their services enable us to make accurate, real-time, informed decisions.  They have been an essential key to our success.

Because of their leadership and high level skill set, A-R Partners has enabled us to add more branches and double our revenue over the last 3 years. They have been huge contributor to our success. I don’t think we’d be where we are today with out them.  A-R Partners is phenomenal! ”


“I’ve been working with Garnet at A-R Partners for 20 years. Garnet and his team has helped my company grow from one tradesman earning $640,000 in revenue in 1995 to an $85 million company with 300 employees and multiple branches.

The team at A-R Partners has been essential in helping us set up our financial systems and deal with our annual financial statements, tax reporting and annual audit. In addition, A-R Partners helps our accounting team work through internal reporting, budgeting, forecasting and reporting to the banks and bonding companies. They assist us with our external financing and credit facilities, and with the analysis of potential acquisitions, business ventures and other opportunities. They also help us with corporate and individual tax planning, taking into consideration the multiple companies in our corporate structure.

I particularly enjoy working with Garnet.  His focus, calm demeanor, and patient sense of humour when I go to him for advice give me the confidence I need to make both day-to-day and long-term strategic decisions.”


“We have been working with Curtis at A-R Partners for many years for both of our companies: Truffles Fine Foods Ltd. (founded in 2005) and L’Abattoir Restaurant (founded in 2009).  Truffles operates a variety of catering services and several cafes, including the Truffles Café at VanDusen Gardens and a new restaurant at the newly constructed Anvil Centre in New Westminster.  See article in The Record. In addition to its cafés, Truffles Fine Foods is recognized for catering galas, receptions, and even the stars … including Sarah McLachlan and Sting. L’Abattoir Restaurant has also gained notoriety, and has become a very successful fine dining establishment in Gastown.

A-R Partners have worked with us on a variety of engagements for both Truffles and L’Abattoir, having helped both companies grow from fledgling entrepreneurial operations to establishments boasting regional acclaim. Services have included all accounting work, personal and corporate income tax, business advisory, specialized audits for VanDusen Gardens, and the valuation of L’Abattoir Restaurant.  A-R Partners continues to be a valued partner in our growing success. We meet every month to review operational results, assess any weaknesses, and identify new opportunities for growth.” 


We have worked with Curtis Wong of A-R Partners from when we first started Meat & Bread in 2010 until now. A-R Partners helped us grow from a small independent company to a regional operation with 4 locations. From the beginning, Curtis has always been incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend Curtis to any business or individual for his dedication and professionalism. A-R Partners’ contribution to the growth of our business has been invaluable. It has been a great pleasure working with Curtis and the A-R Partners team.

RAIDER HANSEN — Rod Langtry, President & CEO

“Founded in 1959, Raider Hansen is a family‐owned and operated distributor of supplies and services to the industrial, construction and tertiary business sectors in British Columbia, Canada. With eleven branch locations, we are one of British Columbia’s largest independent distributors of safety equipment, fasteners, tools, abrasives, chemicals and shop supplies.

Having established solid, long‐standing relationships with our manufacturers, partners and vendors, we also value quality service from our professional advisors. A‐R Partners has consistently provided assurance and tax services on a timely and cost‐effective basis which is of critical importance to small and medium sized business owners.

As a rapidly growing private company, we have relied extensively on the expertise and professional advice of A‐R Partners not only to ensure we meet all tax compliance and financial reporting requirements, but to also successfully grow our company. Both Bruce Allen and Curtis Wong are only a phone call away anytime we need timely advice. We value their input immensely and recommend their firm to any business owner seeking professional advice at a reasonable cost.”

"A-R Partners is phenomenal! They enabled us to double our revenue over the last 3 years. They have been a huge contributor to our success."

− Todd Johnston, General Manager


"A-R Partners have helped my company grow from one tradesman earning $640,000 in revenue to an $85 million company with 300 employees and multiple branches."

− Don Wightman, Owner

"A-R Partners have helped both Truffles Fine Foods and L’Abattoir restaurant grow from fledgling entrepreneurial operations to establishments boasting regional acclaim. "

− Nin Rai, Owner/Co-Owner

"A-R Partners' contribution to the growth of our business has been invaluable."

− Frankie Harrington, Owner