A-R Partners is more than an accounting firm.  We believe in working as partners in our clients’ businesses to maximize profits, streamline processes and provide peace of mind.

We are passionate about driving business growth and thrive in seeing our clients succeed. We work closely with business owners and management, taking the time to understand their business and personal goals and objectives, to ensure that our services add value and make a positive contribution.  We have worked with many of our clients since they started their businesses, and have grown together, as partners. 

Our foundation is a team of outstanding professional accountants with unsurpassed accounting and taxation expertise.  We understand that our core services – assurance, accounting and taxation – represent critical components in the success of our clients’ businesses.  We build on that foundation with our ability to look at “the big picture”, recognizing issues early, and helping to build strategies that manage risk and capitalize on opportunities.  We customize our solutions to the needs of each client, from monitoring income tax and other statutory obligations, to ensuring that information systems measure the critical success factors that generate profit, increase cash flow, and prevent unwanted surprises.  When necessary, we collaborate with insurance, legal, wealth management and other trusted advisors to ensure our clients receive the highest quality advice.

With many clients, we go even further.  We leverage the knowledge and experience gained from over 25 years of working with hundreds of businesses in numerous industries, to identify industry “best practice” strategies for improvement.  Add in professionals with hands-on CFO and CEO experience, and we have the capability to enhance the performance and value of our clients and their businesses, and to maximize their proceeds when the business is eventually sold.


"A-R Partners has helped my company grow from one tradesman earning $640,000 in revenue to an $85 million company with 300 employees and multiple branches."

− Don Wightman, Owner

"A-R Partners is phenomenal! They enabled us to double our revenue over the last 3 years. They have been a huge contributor to our success."

− Todd Johnston, General Manager